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Human Impact Project/Bee the Change: Home

During this project you will explore how humans are impacting the global community.  You will choose a specific species to explain the importance of the species and how humans are affecting this species. Furthermore you will perform an action to help the species and document your work with this.  Finally, you will create an infographic that will persuade the public on the importance of changing to protect this important species and a paragraph explaining your research as it relates to the infographic.

Library Schedule

April 15: species selection; Science in Context; NoodleTools

April 19: NoodleTools note cards

April 22: (in classroom) Research & adding GOOD websites

April 23: (research in classroom - note cards due at the beginning of class TMRW!)

April 24: note cards due at the beginning of class!  Intro. paragraph summary (due at the beginning of class TMRW!)

**Note for Cash's Bio classes:  You WILL NOT be in the library on April 25 - your paragraphs need to be submitted in Canvas as a PDF by 3 pm today, April 24, in order to be peer reviewed in class tomorrow.**

April 25: paragraph due at the beginning of class! Peer feedback activity.

April 26: Infographic intro

April 29: Last day in class to work on infographic



Important docs


Notecard Instructions

The Process

Pick a species


  • 3 sources minimum (1 database, 1 reliable website, 1 student choice)
  • 12 note cards

Abstract/Summary:  One paragraph that addresses the three questions below.  This must be based on research and in your own words!   Come to class on Thursday with a PAPER copy


The Questions

1. Why is this species important?

2. How are the humans impacting?

3. What can we do to minimize that impact?