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HELA 9 - TKM Mini Research: Day 2

Day 2 - Modern Day Problem Research

Annotated Bibliography

First, CITE your source in NoodleTools. 

--> New Source --> Database 

or directly import your source from the database! 

Complete an annotated bibliography:

First in 6 to 7 sentences summarize the article. (Tell me what the article is about as if I have never read it before). 

Then, in 6 to 7 sentences answer the following questions regarding your article and To Kill a Mockingbird

  • How is this still an issue in today's society?
    • Has it changed or progressed since the 1930s?
  • Why is this still an issue? (What is your rationale as to why this still is or is not an issue?)

Export Annotated Bibliography

Print/Export Annotated Bib

1.  Add all your citations and paragraphs to Noodletools.

2.  Click the Print/Export button from the toolbar.

3.  Choose to export to Google Docs or Word.  

4.  Save the file as a pdf.

5.  Upload the document to the Canvas assignment.


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