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World History - Video Annotation: Home


Feb 25/26 - 28: Research/Locate Information

Choose a topic

Locate information in Databases

Create note cards in Noodletools

Cite sources

March 1: Create videos

30-second annotation of two sources

Background Image (Green Screen)

Upload to Canvas

Helpful Videos


Creating the Video

Use iMovie or WeVideo.


1. Click Import Media to add the background image.

2.  Record video using your Mac by choosing Import Media again.  Select FaceTime HD Camera.

3.  Once complete, drag the background image to the timeline first.  

4. Drag the video to the timeline, but place the video on top.

5.  In the edit area, click the drop down menu - (says Cutaway).  Change to Green/Blue Screen.

6. Once down, choose the sharrow in the top, right corner.  Click File.  

7. Change quality to medium and 720.  Name your file as well.  Click Next.

8. Save file.

9.  Once your file saves, upload to Canvas.


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