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Egyptian Pharaohs: Home


  1. You have been assigned an Egyptian Pharaoh to research.
  2. Use databases and websites to locate information about your pharaoh.
  3. Take notes in your own words.
  4. Create a Google slides presentation that includes pharaoh's name in hieroglyphics, their impact on Ancient Egypt, their strengths and weaknesses, a quote that represents their legacy, and the time period that they reigned.
  5. Design and draw a monument that illustrates that pharaoh's impact on Ancient Egypt and what they are know for.  
  6. Create a name plate for yourself with your name in hieroglyphics.

An Effective Presentation

An Effective Presentation

Always keep constant eye contact with the audience.

Never have hands in pockets or fidgeting.

Stand with feet shoulder – width apart.

Speak slowly and clearly with crisp diction so that all may hear what is being said.

Bullet Points are more effective than large blocks of text.

When using a visual aid, students should remember that their connection is with the audience.

Students, when working in groups, should have it assigned ahead of time who will speak when.

Students should look at the audience or speaker as opposed to the slide that is being discussed.

Confidence is key!

Egyptian Pharaohs

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3-D Design

Link on the 3-D Design Link

Click on start modeling

Click on start modeling

Create your design

Take a screen shot when you are finished

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