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Project Overview

Hello there fellow Egyptian travelers!  Much has happened since our trip on the felucca.  Most importantly, there is an urgent matter.  We had an extensive team of experts ready to design the monuments of the Egyptian Pharaohs for a museum.  Well, you know the has been unpredictable and the team has not yet arrived.  We are down to the wire and we need to design these monuments.  we need your help.  You will work in pairs, and be assigned a famous Pharaoh to research and design a monument that illustrates their impact on Ancient Egypt and what they are known for.

Please include the following in your display:

  • Pharaoh's name in hieroglyphics - use the website below - 5 points
  • Illustrations of their strengths and weaknesses - 10 points
  • Their impact on Ancient Egypt - 10 points
  • Design of a monument other than a pyramid - 10 points (can be 3-D)
  • A quote that represents their legacy. - 10 points
  • Time period reference (when did they reign?) - 5 points
  • Presentation - 10 points
  • TOTAL 60 points
  • Also create a name plate for yourself with your name in hieroglyphics using the website below.
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