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Creation Tools

Good Design

1. Fonts - choose a good one and keep it throughout the story. Use fancy font for dialog.

2. Background - Avoid a red background.  It is difficult to read.

3. Type - Include one to three sentences on one page. 


Ideas for Children's Book

1. Use simple sentences.

2. Create a likable character that younger students can relate.

3. Use illustrations to highlight your text.

4. "Show" don't "tell".

5. Think of your favorite children's books and see if you can gather any ideas.

6. Be original. Please do not copy and paste.


Storybook Requirements-

1.    Visually appealing cover to catch your reader’s attention

2.    12 Pages minimum with text on every page. Children in grades 3-5 can stay focused for 10-15 minutes. Keep this in mind!

3.    Positively convey message about the benefits of healthy eating as a means of fighting obesity.  However, obesity cannot be mentioned within your story.  Instead, your book should be about healthy choices.

4.    Data/Fact Driven-Must cite two sources where nutritional information was found.  This information must be used in your story.  The citation page will be handed in separate from your school book

5.    Should be visually appealing and story should make sense. Have a main character and plot. Remember, in children's books, the good guy wins!

6.    Must present story to elementary school students

7.    Must have authors bio page with favorite healthy recipe and favorite healthy/athletic activity.

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