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Archetypes - HELA 9: Home


Note Cards

Each note card will focus on one of the following areas.

  • Overview
  • Function of archetype
  • Action
  • Connection to The Odyssey


Steps in the Process

1.  I found an article from one of the databases. Now what?

2. Read the article to determine if it contains helpful information.

3. Grab the citation and post in Noodletools under Sources. (Don't forget MLA format!)

4. Go back to the article and find one idea - one or two sentences.  Highlight and copy.

5. Open a new note card and paste the quote into the first box.

6.  Make sure to name the note card by one of the categories (Overview, Function, Action or Connection).

7. Choose the source from the drop down menu.

8.  Fill in the other two boxes with your analysis.

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