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Cold War Project: Home


Assignment Information

You have just been selected by a major television studio with a history channel to audition for a position as a news desk anchor.  You will prepare for your live audition by creating a video (1 min 30 seconds to 2 minutes 30 seconds) in length covering an event or topic related to the Cold War and/or Post WWII Era in Europe and East Asia. The videos will chronicle major events of the Cold War Era and the impact each had on social, political, and economic history.  Your video must cover the topic you have chosen and explain how it is related to the Cold War or Post WWII Era.

Before production can begin, you will write a 1-1.5 page paper on your topic.  Using your research you will create a storyboard and script.  The storyboard will visually illustrate and sequence the major components of your topic while the script will guide the audition performance. You will use the green screen to film your video and you may use the members of your group to help you complete your video.  We will be using the LMC to complete this project in iMovie on the iPads.  In order to get this project started, here’s what you need to do:

  • Get your topic approved. 
  • Write your research paper.  Be sure to include a bibliography page in MLS format.
  • Convert the information in your paper to an outline.
  • Use the outline to sequence events/topics for your story board and get your storyboard approved. 
  • Once your storyboard is planned out, create the script.
  • Make sure you have visual backgrounds that match the audio in your video.  You will use these to shoot your video using the green screen in the LMC. 
  • Be sure to cite your sources on a slide at the end of your video.  Use copyright free images.
  • Preview your video with another group in the class and get feedback.  Make sure your audio level/sound is even. 
  • On the day of filming, dress like a news anchor.  Your script should be well-rehearsed.  We will preview the videos in class.  Make necessary changes (edits) and show me the completed video before uploading it to Canvas in ARC.

On the day of the final exam, you will complete a project evaluation and reflection after watching any remaining videos.   This project final is worth 15% of your semester grade.

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