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Sixth Grade Argument Debate: Website Evaluation Checklists

How Do I Evaluate Websites?

Checking the validity and credibility of a website is easy if you use the following tips and tricks!

Steps in Website Evaluation

1. Author Credibility 
What does the author know about the subject?

2. Bias/Purpose
Does the author have an agenda?

3. Publisher/Company

Is the publisher or company credible? Do they take responsibility for the content of the page?

4. Documentation/Citation
Where did the author get the information? Are there links to related sites provided?

5. Timeliness
When was the information written? Has it been recently updated?

6. Reviewed
Has the information been reviewed for publication and verified as accurate?


Website Credibility Guide for Students

Types of Websites

Explains differences between .com (commercial), .org (organization), .edu (education), and .gov (government) website domains.

.mil These websites are run by the military

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