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Poetry for the Homeless: Home

Tips for Writing a Poem

Steps for Writing Poetry

Step 1 - GT - Gecko Trail - what is your theme? Don't get lost!

Step 2 - DD - Deconstruct and delete - Find the strongest sentence in your writing and start there.  

Step 3 - CC - Collapse concepts and construct - Words are important so use only the most important words.

Step 4 - JP - Jump positions - you may want to move things around.

Step 5 - EA - Emergency Additions.  Don't add words if you don't have to - only in emergencies!  You can use words from all of your paragraphs however because those are from your writing.

Step 6 - SH - Show hope but don't write it.  Find ways to explain the action of hope without saying the word.

**Poetry is not the place for cliches so you don't want to use them.  

Finished Poems

When you have finished your poem you need to share your Google Doc with your ELA teacher and Mrs. Hassig. Please remember to use their gmail accounts when sharing.

Word Bank for Your Poems

Poetry Word List

Poor, meager, lowly



Support, sustenance, sustain, care, backing, equipped

Sadness, sorrow, grief, regret

Pride, strength, power, control, self-esteem

Lonely, loneliness, alone, invisible, unseen, obscure

Humble, humility, modest, meek

Spare change

Ignored, unloved, snubbed, overlooked, discounted

Love, affection, courage, brave

Dirty, unclean,

Helpless, abandoned, stranded, washed up, destitute

No money, penniless, broke, jobless

Miss-placed, Unplaced, lost, gone astray

Hungry, famished

Unhealthy, sick, hurt

Surrrender, yield, abandon

Recovery, restore, regain

*If you think of other good words just make a comment here and we'll add them!

True Light Family Resource Center

Panhandling and What to Do?

If you are asked by someone on the street to give them money (panhandling) what are your best options?

Panhandling and What to Do?
Ignore them: 0 votes (0%)
Give them money: 0 votes (0%)
Tell them you are sorry and give money to an organization that helps the homeless: 1 votes (100%)
Go buy them a sandwich or food that will help them if they're hungry: 0 votes (0%)
Total Votes: 1