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Everything you need to research for your PSA topic

More Internet Links for PSA Research

WISER- Research Process for HMS



Public Service Announcement Project

You will be researching a current topic and creating a Public Service Announcement about it.  The purpose of a PSA is to raise awareness about an issue and persuade your audience to take action. You must research your topic thoughtfully and try to answer all of your questions.  Most importantly, you will try to come up with a solution to your problem.  Once you are ready you will create the final product - a PSA.

Calendar of Events

Monday, April 3rd Introduction to PSA Project
Tues,day, April 4th Article work on Tuberculosis
Wednesday, April 5th WISER and Essential Questions
Thurs-Fri, April 6th and 7th WISE and Databases
Mon-Wed, April 10th - 12th    Work days with resources
Thursday, April 13th

Internet training

Fri-Wed, April 14th - 19th Work days with resources
Fhursday, April 20th Quotations
Friday, April 21st Pics and Music
Tuesday, April 25th  Adobe Spark training
Friday, May 4th


The PSA Watch Party will be on Monday, May 15th.  Popcorn will be provided!

Note: If you need extra time, you need to come in before school, after school, or during guided study. The library is open daily from 7:30 to 3:30. We may be open until 4:00pm but that will depend on staff and activities going on in the library.

Learning Targets

Library Standards:

  • I can access information effectively and efficiently.
  • I can distinguish between fact and opionion.
  • I can use an appropriate graphic organizer to arrange and manage gathered information.
  • I can understand the intended audience and the time allotted impact the product and presentation of information.
  • I can cite information from a variety of sources including print and non-print sources.
  • I can create a PSA using Movie Maker to culminate the project.

ELA Standards:

  • I can write effectively for a vareity of audiences, purposes, and contexts.
  • I can write a persuasive piece of writing.
  • I can use effective research practices.
  • I can express information in my own words.
  • I can cite references for all information used.

Citation Machine


Remember - Many of your databases and the card catalog will cite your sources for you!  


Databases for PSAs

Click the magic button above that takes you to the databases!

Web 2.0 Tools for Music and Photos

Push this button above to go to the Photo/Music links for your PSA!

Fair Use Statement

All movies should include the following statement about copyright:

This presentation contains copyrighted material used under the educational fair use exemption to U.S. Copyright law.

Books for Checkout in the HMS Library