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WWII LIterature Circles: Children's Book Project

3rd Quarter Literature Circles using WWII novels

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Creating Your Children's Book

Your task is to rewrite/summarize your group's book for a children's book.  (Think of preschool-kindergarten age book - one that can have a plot, characters and themes, but is a simplified version so that a 4-5 year old would understand.)

You will have plenty of class time with your group to work; all work should be completed during the class periods provided.

The story should include the major plot points and characters from your book.  You'll have to discuss and decide as a group what aspects of the plot and which characters may not be crucial to a children's book/a child's understanding of the plot.

There is not a length requirement; the length of your book will depend on your summary, your format, your illustrations, etc.

Format:  You can use PowerPoint (Google Presentation), digital book-maker (Zooburst), or you can make it by hand (using Word for typed text).

Illustrations:  These can be hand-drawn, computer-created, photographs, or clipart/graphics from the computer.

Resources:  You will have access to computers at school each day; you can have paper, tape, scissors, markers, etc., available in the classroom, but any "speciality" supplies will need to be brought from home.

Each group will read/present their book to the class on Wednesday, Feb. 8

Grades:  Your project grade (shared by the group) will consist of:

            accurate and appropriate summarization (Is the most important stuff in there?)

            proper characterization/inclusion of appropriate characters (Do we get an accurate                                look at the main characters through the summarization?)

            clear portrayal of the theme(s) of the story (Can a reader tell what the                                        author's original message/lesson was through reading this version?)

            appropriate and appealing illustrations/graphics (Do the pictures provide appeal and                                assistance in understanding the plot, characters, locations, etc.?)

            overall presentation/appeal of the book (Would a kid really want to read it?!)