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Chinese Artifacts (6th grade SS): Step One: Research


On a Google document, your group needs to type 10 facts about the Chinese artifact.


You will be trading your ability to write using calligraphy.

Search Britannica Encyclopedia for "Calligraphy".


You will be trading rice.

Search the Britannica Encyclopedia for "rice".

Lantern Festival (Chinese Lanterns)

You will be trading lanterns for the Lantern Festival.

Search the Britannica Encyclopedia for "Lantern Festival".

Chinese Clothes

You will be trading clothing items.

Search the Encyclopedia Britannica for "History of Eastern Dress".

Chinese New Year

You will be  trading lanterns for the Chinese New Year.

Search World Book for "Chinese New Year".


Search the Britannica Encyclopedia for "chopsticks".


You will be trading a cloisonne object.

Search the Britannica Encyclopedia for "cloisonne".

The Great Wall

You will be recruiting workers to build the Great Wall of China.

Search the Britannica Encyclopedia for "Great Wall of China".


Your will be trading Jade.

Search the Britannica Encyclopedia for "Jade".


Parasol or umbrellas

You will be trading umbrellas.

Search the Britannica Encyclopedia for "umbrella".


You will be trading silk.

Search the Britannica Encyclopedia for "Silk".

Temple Lions (Lion of Fo)

You will be trading the guardian lions.

Search the Britannica Encyclopedia for "Lion of Fo".

Yuan (Chinese money)

You will explain how to use money.