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Climate Change in Sudan: Google Forms and Databases

Google Teacher Turn-In Form

7th SS Daily Google Slides Reflection Form

Fill out the Google Slides Daily Reflections at the end of each class.  Don't forget to change the name from "Copy of" to "Your Name Google Slides Reflections.

Remember to fill out your the Google Teacher Form and add the link.

Google Drive / BV Ed Tech Product Link

Google Drive Log-In

Full BV Email:  (

Password:  Same password you use to log-0n to BV computer

*When sharing a link of your document/project set link to "Anyone with the Link"

7th Gr SS Inquiry Planning Sheet

Google Advanced Search

Credible Sites:  .edu and .gov (.org - be careful)

Science in Context

Culture Grams World Edition

Check History, Time Line, Government, and Famous People sections to find out the latest on elections, major current events, and notable people from each country.

Europe Asia Oceania North America None Africa Africa None South 


World Newspaper

NOAA:  National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration

Online Magazines and Newspapers