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Immigration: Home

1. Immigration Project Requirements



What can we begin doing at home?   Collect family history, pictures, timelines, interviews with relatives, documents, family stories etc. 


1.  Webquests - Computer Investigations in class to be used for research notes. (School Project)  **Students will need to also use 2 book sources and 2 website sources to add to their paper. Final Notes on Google Slides must be completed by December 2.


2.  Informative 5 paragraph Essay - Every 6th grade student will be completing a general essay on the process of European immigration to America through Ellis Island. Please note, this does not have anything to do with their family story and/or their country of origin. (School Project) Projected finish date: November 30 NOTE: Date Change: Final paper will be due Monday, Dec.6. 


3.  Inquiry Project - Choice of one "I Wonder" Inquiry (Box # 4) question to investigate with a student created project of choice. (School Project)  Due by December 12.


4. Diary or Scapbook- Students will create a fictional immigration diary or scrapbook based on facts they learned in their research. They have a hand-out with complete details on what is needed.(School Project) Due by December 12. 


5.  "My Family Story" - Written story of your family, family trees/timeline, copies of pictures, interviews with relatives, etc.You may add the country of origin of your ancestor(s) to this story if you wish - (Home Project)  Due date: December 9. **Please check out the Genealogy Sites from JOCO Public Libraries (Box #3).  There are a lot of links to finding documents and information. Also, "Ancestry.Com is available free to students in Blue Valley. You must use the ancestry classroom link on the Lib Guide.

6.  Presentation Boards - Student will bring 3' x 4' tri-fold presentation board. The board may be paper, foam, or any color. Please make sure their names are clearly marked. Students will also need plenty of wide glue sticks or rubber cement along with any decorating items. The boards will be put together at school in the pod.Please do not allow them to decorate their board at home.Putting boards together will be a school projectPlease send to school December 12.


7.  Heritage Presentation Festival - December 20 from 8:45 - 10:15 in the commons. Students may dress in any ethnic costume, bring family momentoes and food items for this day. Please plan to visit us with any family members or friends.


Coming to America - Tribute to Immigrants - Performed by Neil Diamond

3. Genealogy Sites from JOCO Library and

4. Inquiry Questions - "I Wonder"

I Wonder...Project of Choice! 

1.  What were tenements like in the early 1900s?

2.  How has immigration lead to conflict?  How and why did U.S. citizens make immigrants feel unwelcome? *Higher level - Make a connection between the past and today.

3.  What role did immigrants play in the Industrial Revolution?

4.  Describe how child labor laws or lack of child labor laws affected immigrants in the early 1900s.  *Higher level - Make a connection between the past and present.

5.  Describe different modes of transportation leading out of New York between the 1850s and 1930s.

6.  How did WW1 (The Great War) affect immigrants?

7.  You Choose!  I wonder . . ..

BV Ed Tech Resources

8. Political Cartoons and Propaganda during Early Immigration

9. EasyBib Sign-up

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10. Google Drive

11. How to Paraphrase

12. Create In-Text and Paranthetical Citations

13. On-Line Encyclopedias