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Pharaoh JigSaw Research Project: Home

6th grade


Pharaoh Research - Day 1 & 2

Day 1 & 2: Pharaoh Research Group


1.    Research your pharaoh with group members

· Using both textbooks and 2 laptops take notes on your pharaoh

· Use all space available

· Become an expert on your pharaoh: Using the Cardinal Table Chart, research your topic based on where you are sitting on the chart.

   Number 1: Research your pharaoh’s achievements

   Number 2: Research your pharaoh’s dynasty (family) history.

   Number 3: Research your pharaoh’s political or military achievements.

   Number 4: Research your pharaoh’s significance to ancient Egypt.

   Number 5:  Research your pharaoh’s life.

2.    Before the end of the period, make sure you have taken notes on sections in your research packet.

3.   Homework: Make sure you are an expert on your pharaoh and will be able to teach your mini class group about your pharaoh.


Red Book: 

  Chapter 8, Online Chapter 4

Blue Book:

 Chapter 4,  On StudentVue

Online Database:

1.      Go to BVMS’ Library Media Center

2.      Databases Tab

3.      Scroll to bottom of page for Gale Virtual Reference Library

4.      Search

Online Websites:


vs. Pharaoh

Pharaoh Research - Day 3 & 4

Day 3 & 4: Mini Class Discussion


1.    Taking turns, teach your mini class group about your pharaoh.

·      Take notes on all the other pharaoh’s

·      Use all space available

·      Ask questions about your group members pharaohs.

You will be assessed on your knowledge of Egypt’s pharaohs through an argumentative writing assignment. Make sure you have detailed notes to help you write your essay.

Pharaoh JigSaw Essay

Directions: Write a 4 paragraph argumentative letter to your teacher describing which pharaoh was the most effective leader? 

Letter Outline

1.      Salutation (Dear Ms. ….)

2.      An introduction paragraph

3.      Two body paragraphs

a.      Paragraph 2: At least 3 reasons why the pharaoh of your choice was an effective leader.

b.      Paragraph 3: At least 3 reasons why a different pharaoh was not an effective leader.  (compare one pharaoh to the other)

                 i.      Evidence supporting your opinion

4.      Paragraph 4:  Conclusion

5.      Your signature