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Today's Challenges and Achievements Compared to Yesterday's: Research

Comparing a zombie apocalypse to previous civilizations struggles.

Research Criteria

Research Requirements

All Research is Due Tuesday, Sept. 26th by the END of CLASS

Create a New Project Title: Last Name-Civilization

Ex. Harvey-Ancient Rome---How To Video

Include Research Question and Share with Project Inbox--How To Video

Must have at least one source cited:

Website-->Pull Information and plug in to the correct fields--How To Video

Database-->Copy & Paste the given citation--How To Video

Book-->Use the ISBN number to import the citation--How To Video

Note cards need to be titled either Challenge or Achievement with a source attached: How To Video

3 Achievements--->Need to state the achievement and explain why it was a achievement in your own words

At least 5 bullet points

3 Challenges--->Need to state the challenge and explain why it was a challenge in your own words

At least 5 bullet points

Above and Beyond:  2 Interesting Facts--->Need to state the interesting fact and explain it

All Sources

Due Dates

All Research due End of Class Tuesday, September 26th.

Gallery Walk Poster due Beginning of Class Thursday, September 28th.

Reflection due End of Class Friday, September 29th.