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Terrorism - Annotated Bibliography: Find Article

Assignment and Handouts

Find articles using the databases provided to the right.


Finding Articles

Click above on the link, U.S. History Database.

Enter your search term.

Click Magazines and Newspapers to narrow your search.




Terrorism before 9/11 Keywords

Ideas to Search/Keywords:

1972 Munich Olympics
1993 World Trade Center
1995 Oklahoma City 
1998 US Embassy - Kenya
1999 Columbine
2000 U.S.S. Cole Attack 
Rise of Al-Quaeda

9/11 History Keywords

Ideas to Search/Keywords:

World Trade Center attack/Collapse
Pentagon Attack
Osama Bin Laden
Flight 93
NY Firefighters
National Security- Surveillance
President Bush

History since 9/11 Keywords

Ideas to Search/Keywords:

*Make sure the article date is after 2001.

Dep. of Homeland Security
Airport Security Changes
Economic Impact of 9/11
War in Afghanistan
War in Iraq
9/11 Memorials
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