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Social Media Debate: Home

Do the positive aspects of social media sites outweigh the negatives?

Social media sites have quickly emerged as major channels of social interaction in the 21st century. Most internet users in the United States are on social media. Facebook, which launched in 2004, now has over two billion users worldwide. Other influential social media platforms include InstagramPinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter. In addition to socializing, social media sites have also become a significant source of news and information.


Tuesday, 1/9:  Introduction & Begin research

Wednesday, 1/10: Today's Meet

Individual research & Noodle Tools 

Thursday, 1/11: Individual research & Noodle Tools

Friday, 1/12: Create a group, compare notes, fill in gaps

Wednesday, 1/17:  Introduce PSA, Sample, Evaluate

Thursday, 1/18:  Storyboad, plan PSA

Friday, 1/19: PSA

Monday, 1/22: PSA

Tuesday, 1/23: PSA Due