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Greek Gods - Trading Cards


Trading Card Information

Follow this link to make your trading cards online.

Source: Where do you read about or see [Greek god]?

Setting: Where does [Greek god] live?

Appearance and Personality: How would you describe [Greek god]? How does the character look and act? 

Interesting detail: write an interesting detail about [Greek god]. 

Problem: What is an interesting story involving [Greek god]?

Outcome: What is the outcome of the story listed?

Quote: What is something memorable about [Greek god]?

Action: What is something specific [Greek god] does that stands out to you? What makes him or her memorable? 

Impression: What do you like or dislike about [Greek god]?

Connection: Who does [Greek god] remind you of? 


** Don't forget to include a picture of your Greek God on your trading card!**

Database - World Book Encyclopedia

Database - Britannica Academic Encyclopedia

Turn In Trading Cards

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Click Choose File.

Locate the file from your computer.

On an iPad?

Tap Choose File.

Locate item from the Camera Roll.

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