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Unsolved Mysteries: Task 2: Cite Sources/Take Notes

Research Criteria/Help

Research Requirements

All Research is Due Tuesday, Jan. 15th at the BEGINNING of CLASS

Title Project--Last Name, First Name--Topic

Include Research Question and Share with Project Inbox--How To Video

Must have at least 3 sources cited:

Website-->Pull Information and plug in to the correct fields--How To Video

Database-->Copy & Paste the given citation--How To Video

Book-->Use the ISBN number to import the citation--How To Video

Note Card for each subtopic--Minimum 3 Notecards

Subtopics-Choose 3


1. Encounters, Sightings, Eye-witness accounts

2. Theories, explanations

3. Mythology, folklore, origin stories.

4. Physical Evidence/Lack of evidence

5. Definition, Explanation

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