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World Geography Research: Task 3: Turn it In!

Students will research a country of their choice and create an infographic to convey the information found.

Turning in your Project

 3. Steps to download your Infographic:

   a. At the top left, click on the "Download" box.

   d. Choose JPEG from the file type section of this pop up box.

   c. Click “Download JPEG.”

   d. “Make a Copy” of the JPEG. titled Last name_Country Name in your S.S. file. (For example: Harvey USA)

   e. Add your JPEG file to your Google Drive


4. Turning in your Infographic

a.On the World Geography Project Page--Click on Turn it In tab at the top.

 b. Click on the Padlet link

 c. In the bottom right corner click the (+) button

 d. Type your First Name ONLY.

 e. In another tab, open your drive and go to your JPEG project.  Click Share in the upper right corner.

 f. Choose Get Shareable Link, and click on Anyone In Blue Valley can view--a drop down menu should appear---choose MORE

 g. Select--On Anyone with the Link can View

 h. Copy Link and attach it to your Padlet entry.

 e. Click on Add an Attachment


Piktochart to Padlet Video