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Endangered/Vulnerable Species : Step 1: Research

Intro Video

"Endangered Species are like fire alarms. They tell us about problems in our home we call Earth. If we listen to their alarm calls, they could help us improve our lives and the health of our planet." (USGS Biological Resources, 2000) 

 As a citizen of our planet Earth, it is our responsibility to see that animals do not become extinct. We must learn ways to reverse what we are doing to our environment and create solutions to preserve habitat.


1.) As a Research Scientist for the federal government, you will be conducting research to educate yourself about an animal's habitat, reproduction, future, history, appearance/ behavior, enemies and survival. Your research team (of three students) needs to choose a vulnerable/ endangered animal species. Species will be approved by the Senior Researcher (teacher) on a first come, first approved basis. Each team member will choose between the following roles:  Ecologist, Zoologist and Conservationist and complete the individual background research. 

2.) Once you have successfully completed the individual research, you will work with your team to form a lobbyist group that will develop a 3 minute persuasive plan of recovery to get your animal off the threatened / endangered species list. 

3.) Finally, your lobbyist group will prepare and present your  plan of recovery to Congress. Two plans will be selected. A Congressional vote will determine the two plans that will receive funding.

Animal Choices

Scroll through the images to choose an endangerd species.



Wed., May 3rd: Intro Project, Assign Groups & Animal, Set-Up Noodle Tools Notes

Thurs., May 4th: Research

Fri., May 5th: Research

Mon., May 8th: Presentation Expectations, Plan 

Tues., May 9th: Work on Presentation

Wed., May 10th: Work on Presentation

Thurs., May 11th: Work on Presentation

Fri., May 12th: Presentations Turned in!!

Fair Use Copyright Statement Slide

Save this PowerPoint slide as a jpeg and import it into your movie.  It should be the very last thing we see in your movie.


Noodle Tools

1. Create Project in Noodle Tools--Last Names--Animal Name

2. Share your project with the correct inbox--Reid Hour___ or Richards Hour___

3. Add group members to your project

3. Complete all Citations first--at least 3 sources

4. Take notes in your own words--Title note cards with your last name and topic

Click below to access Noodle Tools.       

Note Cards:

Every notecard must contain a source

Notes in your own words and include required information

World Book Encyclopedia