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Climate Change Research: Home

The Assignment

You will be conducting research about climate change and it's effects on Earth. 

Step 1: Create a project in Noodle Tools with the description titled: Last name-Climate Change

   Example: Harvey-Climate Change

Step 2: Share your project with your teacher's drop-box. 

   Example: Vickery Hour 1 Climate

Step 3: Cite all five of the articles that are provided to you in your bibliography. 

   Note: You will cite these as a database and you will need to read the citation to know the type of article.

Step 4: Get your bibliography checked off by a teacher.

Step 5: Choose an article you would like to start with create a notecard with the appropriate title and correct source.

Step 6: Copy and paste the section you would like to start taking notes into your note cards into the direct quote section of your notecard.

Step 7: Take short bullet point notes in your own words in the paraphrase and summarize section of your notecard.

   Note: Your notes need to be in your own words, with exception to the quotes you would like to use in your paper.  

   Note: Your quotes must be identified in a different color and need to be cited within your paper using a (parenthetical citation).

In-Text Citations

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