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Valid Sources: Evaluating Sources

Finding valid sources using a search engine is a process.

Website Evaluation

1. Which one is the official website of the United States Whitehouse? How do you know?

2. Which would be a better source for information on the Holocaust? Why?

3. Which provides better information for a vacation to Mankota, Minnesota? Why?

4. Which site is better if you want to donate money to save an animal? Why?

5. Which is the real website for the World Trade Organization? How do you know?

6. If you could no longer take care of your dog, where would you want it to go? Why?

7. Which site provides better information about bread? Why?

8. Which site would be better to buy headwear?

9. Which site would be better to find groceries? Why?

 10. Which of the following websites are fake? Explain your answer.


.com (Commercial site and usually wants to sell you something or charge you to use the site.)

.edu (College or university site which is helpful for reports on specific subjects.)

.org (Organization)

.net (Network that is typically a personal website.)

.gov (Government site which is good for factual information.)

.mil (Military website)

.kids (Websites approved by Congress for kids.)

The best sites for research would end with .edu, .gov, and sometimes .org.