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Ancient Greece : Step Two: Make It Clear

Step Two:

Using your bulleted notes, type 10 complete sentences in the order they will appear in your digital book in a WORD document.  Save this document in your student folder.

Do NOT number or bullet your sentences. Leave a space after each sentence. You will cut and paste each sentence into your electronic book.  Do not use fancy fonts or fancy colors!

Sample Sentences.


Take your bulleted notes and write 10 complete sentences about your topic. Type your name and hour in the header. Your sentences should be in the order that they will be used in your book.


The Egyptians wanted to preserve the deceased bodies so they made mummies to increase the chance the corpse would last forever.

Bacteria and chemicals cause a body to decay leaving only a skeleton.

The Egyptians discovered that placing a body in the desert prevented the corpse from decaying because bacteria could not survive without moisture.

Egyptians believed that a person’s body could later join its spirit in the afterlife.

The Egyptians created a mummy by removing all organs from a corpse except the heart. The heart was considered to be like a soul.

Next the organs were dried in canopic jars.

To remove the brain, an iron rod was inserted through the nose and the brain pulled out.

The body was dried using natron which is a combination of salt and a substance similar to baking soda.

To make the corpse look better, it was stuffed so it would keep the shape of a human.

The entire corpse was covered with resin and wrapped in linen strips so it would not fall apart.