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Expanding Westward, 1803-1853: Home


Learn about westward migration of people across the United States!

1.  Choose a group of people (Native Americans, Mexicans, African Americans, Chinese Immigrants, Miners, Settlers, Women) and research their story.

2. Consider the following:

   A.  Where did they go?

   B.  What was their motivation?

   C. What challenges did they have as they migrated?

   D. How did their lives change (economically, culturally, socially, geographically)?

3. Site sources in Noodle Tools.

4. Use Spark Video to create a testimonial about the experience:

   A. You are talking in first person like you are the person who lived through the experience.

   B. You are telling the story of your experience.

   C. Provide first-person explanation of the experience when it happened.

   D. Include pictures that illustrate your narrative.  

   E. The presentation will be 3-4 minutes.

   F. Include a title slide with perspective, names, hour, and teacher.

   G. At the end, include a Works Cited page.

5. Turn in via Seesaw.

Essential Question

Why do people move?

How did people in the United States migrate in the 1800's?

How did political, economic, social, cultural, and geographic changes within the nation impact the lives of its residents?

US Territorial Acquisitions, 1803-1853

Overview of the Time