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Additional Resources

Propaganda Posters--Choose a poster, click on the title, analyze images, colors, and text.  Read the text that describes the posters.  You might have to translate text.  

Photographs--Boycott of Jewish Businesses.  Choose a photograph, click on larger image link, analyze what you see.  Read the caption.  You might have to translate text.

More photographs--Choose image that you have not analyzed.  Read about it, and analyze actions.  You might have to translate text.

Film Footage--watch video.  Choose closed caption option (if available) for translation.  Anyalze transcript and actions in video.

Artifacts--choose one, read and translate, analyze meaning.

Testimonies:  Memories on Video with transcripts

SAMUEL GRUBERDescribes a German girl's reaction to learning that he was Jewish 

FLORY (FLORITZA) JAGODADescribes anti-Jewish measures following the occupation of Zagreb

JOHANNA GERECHTER NEUMANNDescribes anti-Jewish measures in Hamburg, Germany

HANNE HIRSCH LIEBMANNDescribes harassment and anti-Jewish sentiment in Germany

JOHANNA GERECHTER NEUMANNDescribes Kristallnacht in Hamburg