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Create a Book Trailer: Step Two: Pictures & Music

Read, Write, Create!

Fair Use Guidelines

Copyright law states that students may use the following in multimedia presentations:

1.  No more than 30 seconds of music.

2.   10% of Video Clips

3.   10% or 1000 words of text.

4.   Pictures and photographs with permission of owner.  Creative Commons or Free to Use permissions.

Looking for Pictures

Use the links below to locate pictures with permission to reuse.

Cite every image in Noodle Tools.

Creative Commons Provides images from a variety of resources.  Great resource! Creative Commons Tutorial

FlickrCC  Flickr Creative Commons--NOT FlickrCC Tutorial

Photo Pin

Pics 4 Learning 

Library of Congress  Photographs of historical events

Morgue File

Google Images (Advanced Search--free to use or share only.) Google Images Tutorial

Bibliography (Works Cited)

Video Tutorial

Follow these steps to create your bibliography.

  1. Log in to Noodle Tools and go to your project.
  2. Click on bibliography.
  3. Click on Print/Export and select Export to Word.
  4. Noodle Tools will open a word document and create your "Works Cited."
  5. Highlight all of your Works Cited and copy the text.
  6. Open Power Point.  Paste your text on one slide. (You might have to adjust the text to fit on a slide OR use two slides.)
  7. Click file, save as.  Select your picture files and name the slide.  Select .jpg and click save.
  8. Save all slides as .jpg in your pictue files.
  9. You will upload the "Works Cited" in to Animoto with your pictures.


Looking for Tunes



Incompetech Tutorial

Remember to cite all songs in Noodle Tools.