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The State of Water in our World: Home

Learning Targets

Learning Targets


I can create at least 2 Wonder Questions about either water pollution, water conservation or the global water crisis.

 I can locate information in websites and databases relevant to the assignment.

 I can take notes using my own words.

 I can identify evidence to answer my Wonder questions and come up with possible solutions to the problem.

I can organize my notes to create my presentation.

 I can create a presentation to document my research.

I can cite my sources at the end of my presentation.

Agenda for Science


1. Introduce Water Crisis/Conservation Project.

2. Watch videos to create at least 2 Wonder Questions.

3. Begin research by using the LibGuide articles, databases & websites.


1. Research your chosen topic


1. Research your chosen topic.


1.  Continue research and create your presentation.

2. List your sources at the end of your presentation.


1.  Continue research and create your presentation.

2. Complete your project at home, public library, or at our LMS library before or after school. Presentations will begin next Monday.


Global Water Crisis

Water Conservation Tips

Water Pollution


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