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Royal Nutrition: Home

Learning Targets

  1. I can locate information in websites, databases and fact sheets relevant to the assignment.
  2.  I can take notes using my own words.
  3. I can use nutritional vocabulary.
  4. I can design a nutritional meal for an athlete using knowledge of MyPlate.
  5. I can create a S'More demonstrating my knowledge of my athlete and nutrition.

Kansas City Royals Website

Planning a Nutritius PreGame Meal

S'More Website

S'More Directions

Pick Your Favorite Royal's Player

Include in your S'More:

Athlete's Full Name

Date of Birth and Hometown

Early Childhood

Give detailed information about the athlete’s early childhood and where he grew up.

 Teenage Years – Adulthood

Give detailed information about the player's teenage years through adulthood.


Career and Education

Give details about the player’s career and education. Where did he go to school? Did the Royal's player have another career before becoming a baseball player?

Create a nutritious pregame meal

Time on Task

Rubric for S'More - 60 points total



How to Create a S'More


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Linda Schveninger
2410 W. 123d Street

A Guide to Eating for Sports

Protein for the Teen Athlete

Rubric for S'More