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Major Disasters

Taking Notes

Use the following link to make your notes.  Remember no sentences, just notes!

PPT - ABC LOU Note-taking Strategy: PowerPoint Presentation ...


Citing Sources

World Book, Britannica and Gale articles all have citations in the article.  Look for the tab or go to the bottom on the article.

If your are using a website, Zoterobib is you best bet.  

Research Task

Extreme Weather Events Are Further Intensified When Interacting Mechanisms  Are At Odds - Zenger News

It seems like extreme weather is becoming more and more common.  You will become an extreme weather expert by researching and presenting your information to your classmates.  Who knows maybe you will save a life by informing others about extreme weather conditions and how to be prepared and survive!

After you have become experts on your weather event, you will make a google slide presentation of all the information you found on your weather event.  You will then come up with 5 multiple choice questions about your weather event to include at the end of your presentation.  The questions need 4 choices, one can be silly, the other 3 need to be possible answers.

Extreme Weather Types:


Hail storms




Extreme Heat

Extreme Cold

Snow Storms

Freezing Rain (Ice Storms)








Learning Targets

Learning Targets

  •  I can locate information in websites and databases relevant to the assignment.
  •  I can take notes using my own words.
  • I can organize my notes to create my presentation.
  •  I can use my presentation to document my research.




How to create brand visuals for free in Canva | Zapier


Use Canva if you are tired of using Google Slides.  Click on the picture above and log in to Canva.  Select "Presentations" and do some key searches (weather, volcanoes, thunderstorms, etc.) for design ideas.  

WeatherWiz Kids






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