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American Civil War: Civil War Journal Project

Benchmark Due Dates

Entry 1:   March 13

Entry 2:   March 26

Entry 3:   March 28

Entry 4:   March 29

Entry 5:   April 1

Entry 6:   April 3

Entry 7:   April 4

Entry 8:   April 5

Entry 9:   April 8

Entry 10: April 10

Entry 11: April 11

Entry 12: April 12


Civil War Art at the Smithsonian

Click the artwork of the soldier to view the special video and exhibit of the
Civil War at the National Portrait Gallery

at the Smithsonian Museum, Washington, DC.

Young Soldier by Winslow Homer

Drawing: Oil, gouache, graphite on canvas, 1864
14 3/16 x 7 3/16 ins. (360 x 182 mm)
Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum,
Smithsonian Institution
Gift of Charles Savage Homer, Jr.


Civil War Journal Project

Primary Source - Civil War Newspapers

Harper's Weekly was the most popular newspaper during the Civil War. Click the image to learn more about this newspaper and see what people were reading from 1862-1865.

150 Years - Civil War Commemoration

Click the icon to view the Smithsonian's page commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Civil War and the presidency of Abraham Lincoln.