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Argument Paper: Home

Learning Targets

 I can locate information in SIRS. 

 I can take notes using my own words.

 I can identify evidence that supports and contradicts the opinion statement.

I can organize my notes to support and contradict the opinion statement.

 I can write an argument paper to support my conclusion.

How to Access a MLA Template in Google Docs

  1. Go to Google Drive
  2. If Templates do not come up at the top
  3. Go to New

  4. Google Docs – Side Arrow

  5. From a Template

  6. General

  7. Education

  8. Report MLA

  9. Copy and paste MLA citations from SIRS. Make sure to put in alpha order and use hanging indent.


Hanging Indents in Google Docs

Google Drive

Works Cited Examples

Passwords for Home Access