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Latin : National History Day

National History Day


NHD Documentary Information Page

Library Resources:

  • Flipcam
  • iPad
  • Green Screen
  • Mac and PC computers
  • Editing Software (iMovie, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Suite)  


NHD Exhibit Information Page

Library Resources:

  • QR code help for interacitve lements
  • Laminator for labels, etc.
  • PC and Mac for word processing, etc.
  • Links to other library resources that might need to be included!


NHS Paper Information Page

Library Resources: 

  • Organizational tutorials and assistance 
  • Resources for the writing process


NHD Website Information Page

Library Resources:

  • Assistance using
    • Content Orgainzation
    • Aesthetics
    • Editing
    • Linking and embedding content


NHD Performance Information Page

Library Resources:

  • Tools for scripting
  • Set design assistance and research
  • Green screen and camera equiptment for filming

Topic Selection Graphic Organizer

Gale Virtual Reference

EBSCO databases

SIRS Researcher

World History: Ancient and Medieval Eras

Citation Examples