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Honors ELA 10: Orwellian Nation Research

Assignment Details and Handouts


Friday, 5/9- Hard copy of notes and MLA Works Cited Page.  One per group.

Monday, 5/12- Presentation uploaded into Qualls's Resource Drive.


*Please note that some changes have been made to Thinglink since the creation of this tutorial. YouTube is no longer blocked (yay!), but some of the features of Thinglink are more limited, such as the choice of icon.

Submitting your Thinglink Presentation

You will submit your presentation to Mrs. Qualls's Resource Drive. Follow the steps below to ensure that your presentation will be easily accessed in class.

1) Insert your link into a Word document under your COUNTRY NAME.  Include the names of all group members in the document.

2) Open the R drive and click "Teachers" --> "Qualls_Jessica"

2) Click on "Inbox" then choose your course and hour.

3) Save your Word document.

Assignment Details and Handouts

Learning Targets

  • I can draw evidence from multiple informational and literary texts to support an analysis of the definition of the term "Orwellian."
  • I can assess the usefulness and credibility of a variety of sources types and utilize these sources to answer a research question.
  • I can avoid plagiarism and follow MLA formatting standards.
  • I can integrate multiple sources of information into an argument. 
  • I can use Thinglink to present my findings clearly and consisely, supporting my presentation with the features of the program.

MLA Examples

CLICK HERE for examples of commonly cited sources.

Contact a Librarian

CIA World Factbook