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Ancient Rome PBL: Home

Project Time Line

Mar 27th Topic choice and researching role develop questions/plan 5th-8th hour

Mar 28th intro for 1st 2nd hours, then all hours research day

Mar 29th 5th, 6th, 1st and 2nd UPDATE MEETINGS

Mar 30th 5th 6th 7th 8th Research Day

Mar 31th 5th 6th 1st 2nd Research Day UPDATE MEETINGS


Apr 3rd Research Day

Apr 4th Finish Research

Apr 5th Start on product

Apr 6th Product work

Apr 7th Product work


Apr 10th Product done/Work on presentation

Apr 11th Work on presentation

Apr 12th Presentations to class

Apr 13th Presentations to class

Apr 14th Presentations to class


Christianity in Ancient Rome

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Essential Questions

  • How did Christianity impact the Roman Empire?

    • Explains the religious rights of people living in the Roman Empire

    • Can explain how Christianity was initially received by the Roman Empire

    • Identifies changes in how the Roman Empire viewed Christianity over time

  • How do the technology achievements of the Roman Empire impact us today?

    • Identifies technology achievements of the Roman Empire

    • Displays an understanding of the achievement.

    • Connects how these achievements impact our lives today.

  • In what ways did the Roman Republic influence the government in the USA?

    • Displays an understanding of how the Roman Republic functioned

    • Displays an understanding of how government in the United States functions

    • Identifies connections/influences between the Roman Republic and government in the United States

Roman Republic


                                        Roman provinces

Subject Guide

Roman Technology

The Roman Colosseum