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Civil War Trading Cards: Home


YOUR TASK: You will work on this project individually. You choose 3 of the topics listed on this Libguide to research. You will research the links on the computer and type your notes into the iPad app. You will keep track of the sources you use on Microsoft Word on the computer. 

All work will be turned in electronically through Google Drive.


Scoring for the project is as follows:

Information is filled out completely on each card: 30 Points

A picture is included on each card: 6 Points

A works cited page is completed showing at least a total of 3 different sources used: 6 Points

Your pictures are cited on your works cited page: 3 Points

Using class time effectively: 10 Points

Total Possible Points: 55 Points


YOUR PROJECT: You will check out an iPad. You will then go to the Trading Cards app, create a username using your first inital and last name. You will then click "create a new card". After you click create, you must name your card by one of the topics, events, or people you researched. You will then need to select the type of card that best fits your research. Each section of the trading card must be filled out and a photo of your research area must be included. When your card is done, you will click "share it" and save it to the camera roll on the iPad. 

Turning it in

You will turn your trading cards in by using the Google Drive app. Your teacher will send you an email invitation to your school email to join your hour's folder. You need to open this through your email on the computer. After you click on the link, you will save the folder to your drive. Once you've done that, log in to the Google Drive app on the iPad using your school email. Once logged in, click on your hour's folder and then click the plus sign on the top right, chose upload pictures and video from the drop down menu. Once you've chosen this, look for your trading cards, select them, and then click the blue check mark to upload the to the folder. Remember to log out of Google Drive before you put your iPad up.

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