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AVID10 Career Research: Video

Video Details

You will create two videos showing the knowledge you've gained through your career research. You need to be informative yet enticing in your videos. You are trying to sell these careers!

  • Video 1 will be on the job you found through your assigned industry.
  • Video 2 is your choice: you can focus on the career that interested you OR the career you chose based on your Naviance Career Survey.

Each video must include the following requirements:

  • 2-5 minutes in length
  • Everything you researched about your career (refer to rubric for a checklist of what to include)
  • Brief explanation of why people should consider the career
  • Relevant images supporting the researched content
  • A voiceover sharing the researched information (OR you can have a ton of fun and use our green screen and feature yourself in the video!)
  • Minimal to no text - text should only be used to emphasize something you are addressing
  • Remember! You are trying to sell this job so you need to be informative but not boring! Have fun! Be creative! You want your audience to be intrigued and want to learn about these careers.

Please refer to the rubric linked above to see Ms. Dolence's expectations for your video.

Library Schedule

Day 1, 2/8:

  • Introduce assignment / expectations
  • Create Google folders for images / search for images
  • Create scripts for videos
  • No video creation should be happening today!
  • By the end of class, submit your in-progress scripts to Canvas

Day 2, 2/16:

  • Set up project in video program
  • Script run-through with partner

Day 3, 2/22:

  • Talk about image upload / editing / voice over, etc.
  • Start creating videos

Day 4, 3/1:

  • Continue editing / video creation

Program to Use

Choose the "Classroom" option and then "Join a Class."

Class Code: r6enxv9 (use all lowercase!)

You will see two assignments for the two videos you have to make. Questions? Ask Mrs. Bowlin!

Blue Valley Library Media | Blue Valley School District #229 | Overland Park, KS 66223