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Remote Librarian LibGuide


1. What are your hours?

  • Monday - Thursday 7:15-3:30
  • Friday 7:15-3:15

2. When can I visit during the day? 

  • Anytime with a pass from a teacher if there is space.
  • During study hall - only 4 passes/teacher. 
  • During late arrival
  • During lunch

3. I need to finish a video at home, can I use iMovie on my phone? 

  • Maybe? Often completing projects on multiple devices causes problems. Test it out at home by creating a short video and trying to import it at school. 

4. When I can use the iPads outside of class to finish a project?

  • Before or after school 
  • During school with a pass from a teacher if the iPads are not being used in a class

5. (Teachers) I need to laminate something - can you do this?

  • Yes! Drop it by the library. If it is your first time, talk with a library staff member and we will show you where to put it.

6. (Teachers) I need a large poster printed - can you do this?

  • Yes! We can print it using our plotter.
  • For smaller posters (11x17) print services is available through the district. They print on nicer paper with nicer ink.
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