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America Decides : Home

Project Requirements

Create a Glogster that includes:

  • each political party's stance on your topic.
  • includes a background image, graphic or color.
  • 3 images or graphics.
  • list sources/citations (use BibMe to generate web citations).

Learning Targets

Work with a partner to create a presentation

that outlines both the Republican & Democratic party's stance

on one of the following issues:

Economy and Jobs

Values and Social Issues

Foreign Policy

Budget, Taxes, Regulation


Civil Liberties


Health and Education

Steps for Success

1. Research your topic using the databases provided.

2. Take notes of the best information to meet the project guidelines.

3. Keep a list of source citations.

4. Create a Glogster account using Teacher Code: 35AA9A.

5. Using the Creative Commons libguide, choose images to use.

6. Construct your poster.

7. Share the final product by emailing the project link to Mrs. Bolton: