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Middle East Paper: Parenthetical Citations

Sample Paper in MLA Format

 MLA Sample Paper*

*You will have a title page unlike this example.

From OWL Purdue Library

Parenthetical/In-text Citations

When you use information from a source, you must say where you got it by ending the sentence with the author's last name in parentheses.  If no author, include the title of the article instead.



Saudi Arabia is not as large as the United States with only 823,000 square miles ("Saudi Arabia").


You will have many in your paper.  If you fail to put these in your paper, it is considered plagiarism.

Incorporating Research

Body Paragraphs

Topic Sentence

Research/Fact from notes with parenthetical citation (Author's last name)

Commentary/Explanation of research

Connection to thesis

Research/Fact from notes

Commentary/Explanation of research

Connection to thesis

Concluding Sentence