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Math: Sites to find data



  • One site is FedStats- this is a great place for finding a wide range of stats--you can even search state-by-state.
  • University of Michigan Census Data
  • ResourceShelf is a new site created by Google --for educators! It is in the early stages but is a great spot to go for comparing data.
  • Swarthmore University has supplied a list links to tables, files, and graphs that are available online.
  • Worldwide Statistical Sources (OECD)- great site for statistics around the world, with an emphasis on statistics from members of the OECD--there is a wealth of information available here.
  • World Data Bank- is a FABULOUS site for statistics on all aspects of issues in the entire world. Search by topic or by country or even by specific data.
  • Wolfram Alpha a math version of google. Type in your name and see how many people have it, look up websites to see their statitstical popularity, there's a wealth of options.

SURVEYS are great for finding answers in research. Try one like Survey Monkey or Zoomerang or go simple and use Google Docs.