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ELA9 Argumentative Research Mini-Project: Home


ELA 9 Argumentative Research Mini-Project

Assignment Overview

For this mini-project, you will practice your argumentative writing skills and conduct research on your chosen topic. You will research both sides of your topic using database articles in order to form a defensible position. Ultimately, you will create a digital presentation based on your research and present to the class.

Class Schedule:

  • Day 1: Create Noodletools project & share with teacher; research topic; put potential sources into Noodletools; begin work on notecards
  • Day 2: Continue research; work on notecards
  • Day 3: Finish notecards; begin working on final presentation

Here are some digital presentation methods you can choose from:

  • Canva presentations
  • Google Slides
  • Adobe Express (formerly Adobe Spark; log in with Google and BV information)
  • Prezi



For this project, you will use a minimum of five database sources:

  • 1 source that support the position you are taking
  • 1 source that acknowledge the counter-argument (the opposing viewpoint)

For each source, you will create one notecard in Noodletools. This means you should have a minimum of two notecards.

Below are the databases we believe will be the most helpful for your research.

Database Access

In-Text Citation Review

Blue Valley Library Media | Blue Valley School District #229 | Overland Park, KS 66223