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Zoology Final: Home

Assignment Guidelines

For your final project, you will be assigned 2-3 animal characters from a movie or TV show and the real life animal equivalents as found in nature. You will research their physical and behavioral characteristics, as well as the habitat of the animals that you have been assigned.  You will then create a short film that compares and contrasts the similarities and differences between the real animals and the fictional characters.

Project Schedule:

  • Day 1 (05/06-05/07): Introduce project; discuss research requirements; create project in NoodleTools; complete notes page
  • Day 2 (05/08-05/09): Introduce video requirements; begin creating video
  • Day 3 (05/10): Finish creating Compare/Contrast Video

Due Dates:

  • Notes Page:
    • Odd Classes: due end of day, Monday, 05/06, submitted to Canvas
    • Even Classes: due end of day Tuesday, 05/07, submitted to Canvas
  • Video:
    • For all classes: due end of day, Monday, 05/13, submitted to Canvas
  • Presentation:
    • You will present your video on the day of your final.


Research Requirements:

  • You must use at least two sources of information:
    • one database article
    • one source of your choosing (an additional database article or a website)
  • Use NoodleTools to create Works Cited entires for each source. You will be required to provide a Works Cited!
    • A website URL is NOT a Works Cited entry! You must create this entry in NoodleTools.
  • Be thorough in your research and remember to put everything in your own words on your notes page!


Use NoodleTools to construct a bibliography of your sources.  Once complete, you can import those sources into your movie.

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