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Hate U Give Research Paper

Hate U Give Research Paper


  • Finding Your Voice
  • Power of Language
  • Stereotypes as Weapons
  • Community and Loyalty
  • Poverty and Crime
  • Injustice and Social Action


1. Pick a topic

2. Make an argument or assertion

3. Write a 1 paragraph summary on why you chose the topic 

4. Collect a minimum of 5 sources:

  • Sources can be: .org, .gov, .edu, from the databases. 
  • Evaluate using the CRAAP test to see if the source is a valuable source. 

5. Create a Works Cited page for all 5 sources

6. Read source and take notes. Have 3 pieces of information on each source. 

7. Create an annotated bibliography for each source. 

What is an Annotated Bibliography

An Annotated Bibliography contains citations with a brief summary and analysis following each citation.  The purpose of the annotated bibliography is to show important sources about a topic and information about each source.  













An Annotated Bibliography can be easily created in Noodletools.  During 9th grade year, every student sets up a Noodletools account through the library.

Annotated Bib Graphic Organizer

Annotated Bib Prep by REBECCA MUNSON

Annotated Bib Example


Database Passwords & Noodletools LInk




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