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Biology Book Report: Home

This guide will provide information needed to complete the Biology Book Report and the presentation that follows.

Biology Book Report

Selecting a Book


The library has created a list of recommended books on the topic of Biology.  This does NOT mean you are restricted to this list, but there is a very good chance that you will find something that will interest you on this list.  You can access these list of recommended books by clicking on this link: Biology Books.

You can access the BVSW catalog at this link BVSW Catalog to find biology books that are not on the list yet are still in our collection.

If you sign in to the catalog (using your computer log-in credentials) you can request books on topics in biology that are at other Blue Valley Schools.  If you need help requesting a book, please let a librarian know.


Monday, March 25th Book Checkout Hours: 3, 7

Tuesday, March 26th Book Checkout. Hour: 2


Monday, April 22  Presentation Creation. Hours 3, 7

Tuesday, April 23. Presentation Creation Hour: 2



While creating your NoodleTools project for Biology Book Report, make sure you indicate that you want to use APA.  

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