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Graphic Novel Personal Narrative

Project Description

Personal Narrative Comic


Graphic novels have revolutionized reading by blending captivating storytelling with visually stunning artwork, offering a dynamic and immersive experience that appeals to a wide range of readers. This fusion of narrative and visuals has expanded the literary landscape, making complex narratives more accessible and engaging, while also pushing the boundaries of traditional storytelling formats.

Now it’s your turn to create your own version of a comic! You will use the personal narrative you wrote in class to help you create your comic. 




Your comic must have the following:

  • uncheckedA title page: This includes the title of your comic and the author’s name (YOU!)
  • uncheckedAt least 5 comic book pages to tell your story 
  • uncheckedEach page must include 3 pictures and 3 text bubbles 
  • uncheckedYour comic should include color, or it should have a well thought our color scheme 
  • uncheckedThe characters, events, and overall theme from your personal narrative should be the same for your comic! You are NOT creating an entirely new story for your comic. 
  • uncheckedHave fun with this!! 


DUE DATE: Friday, February 23rd

How to Use the Canva to create a Graphic Novel Personal Narrative

Example "Billy Vs. the Killer Rooster"


Once the .PDFs of your pages have been loaded into your drive, you will use Canva to assemble them into a book.

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