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This Libguide will help you research gender roles and espectations.

Gender Issues

Project Description

Gender Summative Assessment 


Directions: For this summative assessment, you will be working to analyze gender roles in your choice of media.  You will choose one movie, one television show episode, and one additional media example (either an advertisement, a video game, or a social media post) to look at how gender is portrayed in media.  Your end product will be three products (two required and one of your choice from the remaining media types) that answers the questions below and meets the requirement for each.  The end product will be three different infographics. 


Points: Each infographic will be worth 33 points (100 total) and will be graded based on the information below.  


Requirements: Complete an infographic tfhat meets the following: 

  • Title: “Gender Roles in _____”, “______ and Gender”, etc… 

    • The title should be at the top of the document and noticeable 

  • Provide the information for the piece of media: 

    • Movie

      • What is the movie? 

      • Who are the main characters and what do they do? 

      • Provide the movie poster or screenshot from major scene 

    • TV Show 

      • What is the TV show and what is the episode? 

      • What is the premise of the show and who are the characters? 

      • Show’s poster or screenshot from the episode    

    • Choose One from the Following (Ad, Video Game, or Social Media Post)
      • Ad
        • Poster or screenshot of the ad 

        • What is the ad selling?  

        • Describe the ad.  

      • Video Games

        • Poster or screenshot of the video game

        • describe the aspects of the game

        • analyze the different characters in the game and how they are portrayed

      • Social Media Example

        • Poster or screenshot of the video game

        • describe the post/meme/photo

        • analyze the purpose of the post/meme/photo.  Whose approval does it seek? (likes, thumbs up, etc.) Who was targeted? (if anybody). 

  • For each infographic, choose two of the following and create a section that shows EACH of the two selected in depth and examples of how/when they were present in the media example (movie, TV, or ad). 

    • Social Inequality - Examples and ways in which they are enforced.

    • Access to employment, education, healthcare, other "rights"

    • Expectations and Gender Roles and how those affect workplace and home dynamics

  • Bechdel Test: For both the movie and TV show media example you will need to perform a Bechdel Test for each with a selected scene or the movie/TV episode as a whole.  This does not need to be completed for the ad. 

    • Provide a section on the infographic that discusses the Bechdel Test in your given media 

  • Resources: With assistance from myself and the librarians, you will also need to find THREE ARTICLES (one for each infographic) that helps solidify your infographic

    • Incorporate the information from your research into the infographic

    • For example, if you are discussing social inequality in depth you could locate a resource/article from the libguide that shows social inequality in America and use that information/resources to compare it to your media 

    • If you are using a new show, you could use an article or resource that shows how gender roles have changed over time and compare that 

    • This is where you can select the “path you take” and make the project more enjoyable for you 

  • Organization 

    • The infographic needs to be clean, organized, use color, and have overall flow


Information Sources

Your Project

Using either Canva or Piktochart, make an Infographic which shares what you learned from your research.  

Your infographic should present the following information:

  • Social Inequality - Examples and ways in which they are enforced.
  • Access to employment, education, healthcare, other "rights"
  • Expectations and Gender Roles and how those effect workplace and home dynamics

You will need to find examples in the media that reinforce these gender roles.  You should have at least one example from a movie, one example from a TV show, one example from a choice of advertisement, video game or social media post..  The examples CAN be taken from advertisements.


Examples of Infographic


These are partial examples (meaning I have

not replaced all of the items on tthe template of

Infographic for the project that you will create for Mr. Schulz.)


Infographic made with When logged in using your Blue Valley Credentials, you should have no trouble accessing Canva.

Inforgraphic made with Piktochart at You will have to create an account. 

Use your Blue Valley User i.D and Blue Valley P.S. to create your credentials in Piktochart.


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