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Periodic Table

Periodic Table Haiku

Elemental haiku - Science

A review of the Periodic Table composed of 119 science haiku, one for each element, plus a closing haiku for element 119 (not yet synthesized).

Part 1

1.  My Element Superhero Organizer

  • Complete carefully using accurate research resources (Only a complete organizer will count for points. Incomplete organizers will receive a 0.)

2. Works Cited Page

  • Minimum of 3 resources cited.

  • TITLE and link to the website must be provided.

(Must be typed and included at the bottom of your story.)

Part 2

Comic Book Cover

1.     * Drawing must be a realistic cover for the story you wrote about your superhero. 

  • Drawing must correspond to the qualities of your superhero. (Ex: If sulfur is your chosen element, the superhero’s uniform/hair/skin could be yellow since sulfur is yellow in color.)

  • Must incorporate at least 5 characteristics / properties / historical facts for your element).


2. Story 

  • Illustrates element superhero’s strengths and super-qualities. (Story must include AT LEAST 5 UNDERLINED characteristics/properties).

  • You must include your compound in your story.

  • Story must be at least 8 sentences or pictures long.


Insert Comic Book Cover

It should feature your element superhero (and probably compound too). Use the element’s physical/chemical properties to POWER UP your superhero. Give your superhero element a clever name, using information about your element. 

  • Detailed, colored, hand-drawn/designed and named superhero

  • 5 properties are visible and labeled on cover drawing

  • Title of the comic book must be included!

  • Upload image.


Type your story or insert your 8 comic book squares 

Make sure to include the following:

  • A total of 5 specific properties or facts about your element and compound are included in the story and are underlined.
  • You must have 8 meaningful sentences or 8 comic book squares.

Element/Compound Superheroes (or Supervillians)

Part One

Part Two

Gale in Context

World Book Encyclopedia

Britannica Encyclopedia

How To Create a Comic Strip Using Google Slides

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