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Periodic Table and Elements: Home

Periodic Table

Part 1

1.  My Element Superhero Organizer (Research)

  • Complete carefully using accurate research resources (Only a complete organizer will count for points. Incomplete organizers will receive a 0.)

LINK to Google Drawing Organizer

Part 2


Insert Comic Book Cover

It should feature your element superhero (and probably compound too). Use the element’s physical/chemical properties to POWER UP your superhero. Give your superhero element a clever name, using information about your element. 

  • Detailed, colored, hand-drawn/designed and named superhero

  • Your drawing of your superhero needs to be inspirited by at least one property of that element.

  • Title of the comic book must be included!

  • Upload image.


Type your story or insert your 8 comic book squares 

Make sure to include the following:

  • A total of 5 specific properties or facts about your element and compound are included in the story and are underlined.
  • You must have 8 meaningful sentences or 8 comic book squares.


They could not sense that he was there because he was undetectable by smell (odorless).

He kept his feet flat on the top of the building and stretched his body enough to wrap around the skyscraper 3 times untel he reaced the villain. (malleable)

Element/Compound Superheroes (or Supervillians) Project Details

Part One - Research

Part Two - The Project

World Book Encyclopedia

Britannica Encyclopedia

How To Create a Comic Strip Using Google Slides

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