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Egyptian Medicine

Medicine in Ancient Egypt

Egyptian Astronomy

Why And How Did The Ancient Egyptians Use Astronomy?

Engineering Strand

Egyptian Pyramids

Assignment Directions

Part 1: Choose a topic

Assignment Overview

Students will examine innovations from Mesopotamia or Ancient Egypt and their impact on their ancient society as well as our world today.

Assignment Objectives

Student historians will…

discover how innovations meet personal and community needs.


You will be choosing a topic to research more about.  Examine the "Topics to Consider" below.  

Tools/Technology Strand


Bronze Casting





Now that you have learned A LOT about your innovation, you are going to be writing a news story about them.  You can do this in a variety of ways.  You could write an informational news story about your innovation.  You could make up a fictitious story about the made-up ancient characters that invented your innovation and act it out.  

If you love making videos, create a studio video, we video, or any type of video that you can create at home.  Be a television reporter and tell us all about your innovation.

If videos aren't your thing, write an article like you would see in a newspaper or a magazine.  You can use any format that works for you to do this.  

Whatever you choose, just be sure you show us what you've learned about your innovation.  Your project must include the Who, Where, When, What, How, Why, and How questions from the note taking assignment.

Be creative!!  We can't wait to see your news stories this week! 

Medical Strand




Hieroglyphics Writing in Egypt


Egyptian Makeup

History of Makeup in Egypt | LoveToKnow

Egyptian Art

Painted sunk relief of the king being embraced by a goddess. Tomb of Amenherkhepshef (QV 55) (New Kingdom) Photo: Dr. Amy Calvert

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